Some of the plants seen in the area are shown on these pages. A complete inventory made from photographs sent to the West Meade Conservancy can be found in the plant list which gives species name and classification.  Since plant classification is less familiar than that of animals, plants are listed first by growth habit (trees, shrubs and vines, forbs/herbs, grasses, ferns).  Within these categories plants are then listed by division, by class (monocot, dicot where appropriate), then by order and family.

Photographs can be sent to  Please include your own name as well as any information that you have on the sighting.  Anyone is welcome to submit a photograph provided it was taken in the West Meade area.




Information for plant classification has been taken from the Plants Database at USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (




Since the West Meade area includes creeks, the plant list also gives the wetland indicator status for Tennessee (Region 2) where appropriate.

OBL = Obligate Wetland: the plant is almost always found in wetlands

FACW = Facultative Wetland: the plant is usually found in wetlands


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