Why Support WMC?


Two long-time supporters of the West Meade Conservancy give their reasons for believing in the organization’s mission:

The West Meade Conservancy serves as a reminder of the importance of controlling our environment so that all residents can live in harmony in this extraordinary natural setting that attracted us in the first place.  Through information and education WMC demonstrates the precious balance that exists between development and preservation and the volunteer actions necessary to protect the woods of west Nashville for current and future generations.  The ironic by-products of these efforts are increased land values and a remarkable place to live. — George Schnitzer

On first noticing that tiny blurb in the paper about a meeting to form West Meade Conservancy, I knew I wanted to be a part of it.  We live in the “flatlands” of West Meade, so have no old trees to save.  The only trees on our lot were planted by the couple who moved into this then-new ranch in the 1950’s, and whose son sold the house to us; so some people ask why we want to help conserve old natural parts of our neighbors’ lots.

Well, if we help neighbors who live in the hills around us save some of their old trees, then we and our grandchildren get to breathe the air those trees help clean.

If we help our neighbors preserve parts of their lots for wildlife to travel through, we and our grandchildren get to live among the natural balance that those bugs and bucks help maintain.

Of course, helping our neighborhood stay clean and green helps keep property values up; nice if we ever wanted to sell, but we don’t.  What we do value is getting to know neighbors who love natural beauty and like working together to take care of it: a big bonus prize for being in WMC.– Joanna Carnahan

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