History of WMC


  • Noah Charney studies natural environment of West Meade, invites neighbors to discuss preserving area.
  • First group of volunteers chooses name, creates mission statement.
  • Officers from Tennessee Parks and Greenways declare area “conservation worthy,” suggest registry of landowners interested in becoming parts of conservation easement groups.
  • Adam Charney builds website for WMC.
  • First households sign Landowner Registration Forms.
  • District’s Council Representative calls meeting for conservation/preservation officials to learn about WMC.
  • Educational and recruiting activities begin (public lectures, plants and animals list, tree identification workshops, handouts, articles, small-group meetings, large public gatherings).


  • WMC makes presentation to Metro Greenways Commission.
  • Naturalist Bob Brown sends letter of support to WMC.
  • Tennessee Parks and Greenways Foundation features WMC in Annual Report.
  • WMC supports Metro Planning Commission’s Sub-Area 7 Plan Amendment protecting wooded hillsides.


  • Metro Greenways and The Land Trust for Tennessee offer combined support for WMC’s mission.
  • WMC participates in “Growing Together I and II, Environmental Leaders Reception.”
  • WMC makes presentation to local realtors.


  • The Land Trust for Tennessee agrees to be primary grantee for WMC’s conservation easements and to manage fund to cover easement costs.  Metro Greenways agrees to be secondary grantee.
  • WMC’s Pilot Easement group formed and approved.
  • Participants in West Nashville Community Character meetings identify “West Meade’s wooded hillsides” as feature “to preserve.”


  • WMC invited to send representative to focus meeting for Metro/Land Trust for TN Open Spaces Project.
  • WMC begins campaign to fund easement groups.
    •  Donation card, brochure
    • Jazz Night
    • First Annual Garage Sales Day
    • First Annual Family Fun Run
    • Children’s book, Noah and the Arc 


  • West Meade’s woods, place in ecological corridor included in final Davidson County Open Space Plan.
  • Volunteer organizational body of WMC restructured to improve focus and efficiency.
  • WMC’s children’s book earns publicity and funds [featured in September/October issue of The Tennessee Conservationist; included in Southern Festival of Books; inaugurates Books for School program at Westmeade Elementary School].
  • Established fund-raising events continue:
    • Second Annual Garage Sales Day.
    • Second Annual Family Fun Run.
  • Artists Sharon Charney and Anne Williams have exhibit “Purlieu” on the theme of West Meade’s woods at Nashville’s Parthenon.
  • Pilot Easement Group is completed.


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